Fleet Management – 3 Business Cost Benefits to Vehicle Tracking

Fleet management vehicle trackingAchieve business cost benefits with fleet management vehicle tracking. These systems mean you can fit in more work time, as your drivers become more available and easy to locate. You will achieve lower fuel consumption with overspeed alerts and better driving behaviour. Vehicles can also be recovered more quickly if stolen, avoiding time consuming and costly insurance claims.  

Shrewd Fleet Management

With Smartrack uTrack fleet management you can know where a vehicle is at all times. This means that drivers out on the road cannot hide, you will know when breaks have been taken and where. Should a driver be going through a tunnel or into a low reception area, then the last know position will be given until the signal is picked up again. Every two minutes a new map arrow shows direction and speed.  

Being watched will ultimately provide better time management from drivers themselves. They will become more available as you know they CAN fit in one more job.  

Better Fuel Consumption

Fuel consumption can increase dramatically if going 75mph instead of 65mph. This is particularly relevant when it comes to vans, depending on the weight of the load carried.  

Drivers left to their own time management can take extended breaks and then drive at top speeds to ‘make up time’. This driving attitude is costly, it is best to drive at a steady pace when trying to keep fuel consumption to a minimum.  

Online fleet management vehicle tracking allows account holders to set maximum speeds for each car or van on their account. Once a threshold is exceeded an email is sent to a designated email address. These restrictions enforce the contract you have set out with your drivers and keeps them within legal speed limits.  

You will also know if the vehicle has been driven ‘out of hours’, ensuring company fuel is reserved for company work.  

Stolen Vehicle Tracking

The account holder can liaise with Police should a vehicle be stolen. This would involve contacting Police, with customers providing the stolen vehicle tracking and giving the route or vehicle location.  

Especially with vans, it’s not just the vehicle but also the equipment they carry. Documenting what was inside can be a large task, and takes time that could be better spent on business tasks.  

No serious company wants to make an insurance claim. Not only are they time consuming but the financial repercussions always go beyond the next year’s renewal. In reality when a vehicle is stolen you end up paying one way or another.  

For most businesses recovering the vehicle quickly is the best option. This means that the loss of work time will be small, but also that your customers will not be let down.

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Last updated February 2012

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