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Live Vehicle Tracking Speed SymbolsWith live vehicle tracking you can see your car's location on Google maps. Smartrack provide a 'Try Before you Buy' program to supports their range of vehicle tracking systems for cars, vans and leisure vehicles. Devices are ideal for company fleet management, small businesses and even individual concerned parents.

This test scenario can be activated by putting the word 'leisure' for both the username and password on any SmarTrack uTrack login.

Vehicle Selection and Fleet Management

Individual vehicle details are selected by clicking on the 'Caravan - REG' button. Please remember this is a simulation, for actual customers and in particular company fleet management, more than one vehicle could be selected from the list.

Current vehicle location can be shown on a mini map by simply hovering over the 'zoom' button. By clicking on the 'zoom' button an expanded Google map pops up, allowing the ability to zoom in and out.

By clicking on the 'Geo' button a map with the current geo fence is presented. There are also a set of boxes to the right allowing the radius to be extended or reduced, and these new settings are seen immediately on the map. The geo fence can be moved by dragging the centre point around on the map, but there is also a very useful 'Last known position' button wrapping it around the car's current location.

Live Vehicle Tracking Over Speed Warnings

Customers can benefit from live vehicle tracking over speed warnings sent to a designated email address. This gives automatic monitoring and notification should a certain speed be exceeded.

A maximum speed is set from the 'Click to show edit vehicle details'. This is also where you can change the name given to the vehicle and the vehicle registration number.

Vehicle Tracking Report

Individual vehicle tracking reports can be selected by clicking on a calendar day highlighted in pink. The caravan used here is just a simulation and customers may need to click on a few different days before some movement comes up.

Each journey is listed separately and shows the start and stop times as well as the beginning and end road locations. By clicking on the 'Show map' words a map is revealed with arrows showing vehicle movement and direction.

An arrow represents a minute’s travelling time and different colours are used for different groups of speeds. Again this map can be zoomed in and out using the map control buttons. All maps can be exited, at any time, by pressing the back button on your browser.

Please note that you can set any of the map views to satellite, however it is unlikely that you will see your vehicle. This is because your vehicle would have needed to be in place when the map photos were being made up.

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Last updated January 2012

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