Vehicle Security Accreditations – A Quick Guide UK


  • The VSIB went bust and disappeared in April 2009.
  • MESF paper certificates show an IMPRESSION stamp including “Approved” installation company number.
  • Thatcham TRI is an on-line system where insurance companies quiz the Thatcham database. They can directly see installer details, alarm details, and date of installation. With this system there is no need for paper certifictes.
  • Category 1 (CAT 1) alarms and Category 2 (CAT 2) immobilisers are Thatcham Approved devices.


  • Thatcham Approved trackers are either TQA, CAT 5 or CAT 6.
  • TQA Thatcham Quality Assured systems only maintain this status if monitored by a 24/7 manned monitoring station.
  • CAT 5 was a VSIB designed classification. There is a limited number of products and installers of Category 5 devices.
  • SmarTrack TQA devices have now been given a new classification of Category 6 (April 2011) and SmarTrack now insists on TRI installers (Dec 2010).


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