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Our rear parking sensors come with fitting for the Portsmouth, Fareham, Gosport, Hayling Island, Southampton and Winchester areas. Our entry system contains 4 in bumper, ultrasonic sensors in gloss black. This option is an excellent choice if you have a dark coloured car.

As you put the car into reverse gear the parking sensor system become active. You will hear two beeps or a long beep to let you know the system is working. Then as you reverse there are clearly 4 different stages of beeps, with the frequency increasing as objects become closer.

Rear parking sensors fitted

Fitted for £249

Price includes mobile installation in our serviced areas.

Our rear parking sensors fitting service means we supply and install 4 gloss black, in bumper sensors for £249 for Portsmouth, Fareham, Gosport, Hayling Island, Winchester, and generally Southampton to Chichester areas.

Rear Parking Sensors Fitting

It is important that parking sensor fitting is done correctly. There are subtle bumper styling changes between different car/van makes and models. We know the best place to fit your sensors taking into account the shape of the vehicle bumper, how high it sits off the road, and physical bumper obstructions.

Each individual sensor has a 20cm connection. This is a sign of quality, meaning that if a sensors proves to be faulty then that one can be replaced without rewiring the whole system.

How Parking Sensors Work

Ultrasonic parking sensors work by sending out an ultrasonic pulse. Each sensor also has the ability to read these pulses as they bounce back after hitting objects. The brain then reads these returned signals and outputs the information to either a buzzer or screen.

Our 4 ultrasonic sensor system, fitted without a display, uses a buzzer to indicate how close an object is. As you reverse there are generally 4 stages of beeps:

to 1.6m
- no sound
to 1.0m
- beep-----beep-----beep
to 0.5m
- beep---beep---beep
to 0.3m
- beep-beep-beep
- beep (continuous sound)

Generally the beeps become quicker (more persistent) as objects become closer.

Parking Sensors Standard Functions

  • 4 Ultrasonic sensors in gloss black
  • 100dbs buzzer gives changing 'beep beep' sound
  • 0.2m to 1.5m sensing range
  • Mounted in the car bumper
  • Automatic reverse operated system

Payment can be made at the time of installation, via our mobile credit card machine.

Contact Dragon Car Audio for more information or to book an appointment.

A badly installed parking aid system can make parking your vehicle worse than before. We offer rear parking sensors and fitting is for Portsmouth, Fareham, Gosport, Hayling Island, Winchester, and Southampton to Chichester areas.


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