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A Car Play integration kit works with your original car audio system. Play music, make hands free calls, integrate reverse cameras and connect with Apps on your phone, all from your car stereo controls. These kits are car specific and functions will vary with different makes and models.

Car Play Integration Kit
Car Play Kit

See a video at the end of the page on an Audi S5.

CarPlay integration kit fitted Fareham for Portsmouth, Southampton, Winchester, Basingstoke, Brockenhurst, Hampshire, Chichester, Bognor Regis, Worthing and West Sussex customers.

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Phone Music Through Stereo

These devices are designed for music integration from your mobile phone. Once your phone is paired, the controls on your car stereo can be used to undependably locate and interact with music. For example, while using your Spotify App, skip tracks and access playlists.

Car Play Kit with Phone
Car Play with Phone

The display on your original car screen will show a simplified menu. Here you can see usable Apps that are meaningful to the car play kit that have already been downloaded to your phone.  These functions may vary between car makes and models or car screen limitations, however the essential functions should be more or less the same.

The car play kit is heavily reliant on your phone to deliver content. This means it should be able to deal with App and phone updates as well as the possibility of interacting with new Apps as they become available, but please remember this is not guaranteed as developers cannot predict the future.

Make Phone Calls Hands Free

The Car Play kit will also enable phone call receiving and generation, hands free. This is because your phone is already connected to the kit and performs as an OEM phone calling kit.

Phone calling functions may become usable from the car steering wheel or be accessed again through the car stereo controls, depending on the car design. The car display will show the details of who is calling or allow easy phone book selection.

Car Reversing Camera Compatible

The car play integrations kit is also compatible with the fitting of a reverse camera. Here the rear view of the car is shown on the OEM screen when the vehicle is put into reverse.

Car Play with Reverse Camera
Car Play Reverse Camera

The functionality of this feature depends on the original specification of the vehicle. For example the ability to see steering turn lines depends on the car. In the video below the rear view camera shows the parallel lines turning in sync as the steering wheel is turned. 

Once a camera is fitted, the system will become available each time the vehicle is put into reverse even if the car play kit is not paired to a mobile phone. It works automatically on reverse gear and flicks the screen to the rear camera view. Taking the car out of reverse will return the screen to the original state, which could be car stereo or a no music function.

This system works on top of the vehicle original parking sensor system if applicable. With the Audi example featured in the video, the parking sensors can be clearly heard as the vehicle reverses. It also show the picture of the car and reverse sensor activation to the top corner as normal.

The style of the camera is again car dependent. In most cases the original boot handle is replaced by a part that includes a camera. If this is not an option then a small wedge camera can be fitted instead.

Car Sat Nav

This kit can be used as a car sat nav. By accessing Google Maps or similar you can plan routes and see progress as movement takes place.

Car Play Integration using Navigation

Retrofit Upgrade – CarPlay

The systems provided here are retrofit upgrade carPlay devices. They provide Apple Car Play and Android Auto retrofit interface options for modern cars. These systems have been independently manufactured and can be removed at any time. This is not the same as a similar device provided by car manufacturers at the time of car production.

How to Determine Your Car Play Specification

The best way to determine your carPlay model is to send us a picture of your dash. This needs to be the full front interior, from the car steering wheel towards the passenger front air bag. These kits are car specific and the interior style will indicate the compatible car play system.

Please note, sometimes a dash upgrade will be independent of a car face-lift so this choice is not as simple as listing the car make, model and age.

Car Play Integration Kit for Older Cars

For older cars without screens or integrated systems there is the option to change the stereo completely. In this instance customers should contact us for more information.

Integration Kit Features:

  • Seamless integration
  • Mirrors your phone information
  • Uses your factory screen
  • Play phone music, Spotify, Amazon Prime music,  etc
  • Access compatible phone apps through the original car stereo controls
  • Connect Phone via Bluetooth or USB charger
  • Turn on and off by using buttons in your car – return to standard car stereo at any time
  • Hands free phone calls
  • Compatible with car reversing cameras
  • Excellent sound through your car system
  • Compatible with Apple or Android phones
  • Options for most cars
More Information:
Car Play Integration Audi S5

We can install your car play integration kit Fareham for Portsmouth, Havant, Chichester, Southampton, Winchester, Basingstoke, Lyndhurst, Brockenhurst, Hayling Island, Hampshire, Chichester, Bognor Regis, Littlehampton, Worthing, Horsham, Crawley, Shoreham-by-Sea, West Sussex customers.

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