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Car reverse camera fitting with routing of cables, new double DIN stereo and universal camera. System shows reversing grid when vehicle put into reverse, with real time movement shown on the screen as objects become closer. Different stereo options available with car specific facias, adaptors and car specific cameras possible.

screen head unit with camera
screen head unit with camera

Prices start from £599 for the entry level stereo, universal camera, installation and routing of cables. However all car specific parts are extra.

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Screen Head Unit with Camera

When the car or van is put into reverse the grid lines appear on the screen. The screen itself also shows the input from the rear camera with a wide-angle lens aspect. As the vehicle reverses the grid lines show the distance from other objects and each part of the grid goes red when it encompasses any objects.

This allows the driver to see a real time input that updates as the vehicle moves backwards.

Once the vehicle is pulled out of reverse the screen reverts to it’s previous function, for example listening to the radio.

Reverse Camera Kits

Our entry package includes a double DIN unit screen with the capability of showing a video input. The stereo replaces the car or van head unit that was fitted in the dash of the vehicle at the time of manufacture. The model shown here is purely for illustration purposes and may change depending on what units are available. However, we always use a branded make such as ‘Sony / Pioneer’ or similar.

screen head unit with camera
screen head unit with camera

Customers can choose to upgrade the head unit to a higher stereo. Please ask for more details when giving your car details to us.

We also supply a universal wedge camera placed discretely at the rear. The placing of this small camera is dictated by the design of the vehicle and a small hole needs to be drilled to run the cable.

These cameras are hard wired and we use the cable supplied with the camera for the best picture possible.

Cable Installation

We route the cable from the rear view camera to the new head unit thorough the carcass of the vehicle in a way that is not visible. We also ensure the cables are not run in water channels or exposed to the elements as this can cause the system to stop functioning and may even cause other problems with vehicle electrics.

Car Reverse Camera Kit
Car Camera Kit

In our experience extra care here is essential even though the cables are hidden from view.

Other Useful Functions

By changing the stereo head unit for the reverse camera other useful functions are provided. These include better access to music and Bluetooth connectivity for hands free phone calls.

For access to Apple Car Play and Android Auto see our page below for suitable car play integration. This would also give access to a video camera input function.

Modern stereos also usually give a better output of music quality in general however we can upgrade the vehicle speakers if necessary.

Car Specific Options

All car specific options are provided at extra cost. These include harness adaptors for wiring, facias enabling the screen to fit, and aerial adaptors. There is also a range of car specific cameras that may be compatible with some make and model of vehicles, for example dedicated boot handle replacements with built-in cameras.

Vehicle Wedge Camera
Vehicle Wedge Camera

In some cases a new stereo upgrade is not possible. This may be the case with some vans, or older vehicles. Here we would suggest a dedicated camera display purely for the reverse camera input. This could be mounted on the dash or used to replace the rear view mirror. Please see below for our van reverse camera page for more information.

For modern cars with a suitable screen already in the car from the time of manufacture it may be possible to use this screen with an integrated reverse camera installation. The screen will need to be big enough to give a suitable image and also needs to be able to receive a video input. Please see our integrated options below.

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