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We provide the Thinkware Q800 Pro professional Dashcam installed Fareham. This is an updated version of the F800 Pro with 2K QHD giving a picture that is four times more vivid. Protect yourself against false insurance claims. Also comes with speed camera alerts.

Thinkware F800 Pro
Thinkware F800 Pro

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High Quality Video

The Q800 Pro benefits from high quality video. It captures every detail with 2K QHD output giving four times more detail than normal HD.  This is 1440p or 2560 x 1440 pixels giving a higher resolution than Full HD (1920 x 1080) and HD (1280 x 720).

Thinkware QHD resolution
Thinkware QHD resolution

The difference between the Thinkware Q800 Pro and the F800 Pro is this increase in detail. This makes identifying number plates and other details easier to define. 

How Does a Dash Cam Work?

The purpose of a Dash Cam is to nullify false claims. An account of an accident can easily change as days pass and Loss Adjusters interfere with the data. A video of the event brings the details back towards the event as it occurred.

This protects drivers against becoming responsible for an accident that was not their fault as well as protecting against completely fabricated claims.

It is often the case that when an incident occurs Insurance companies will ask for Dash Cam footage. This then dictates how they proceed with a claim.

Energy Saving Parking Time Lapse

There are two parking modes available and these save resources when the car is not running.

The first is Time Lapse mode. This is designed for when the car is parked and proved a lower rate of 2 frames per second recording for up to 72 hours. When parked the possibility of events occurring is significantly reduced and it is not necessary to have such detailed footage. However, other cars may collide, and this provides a way of reading number plates of vehicles that are in view of the camera.

Time lapse extends the life of the recorded footage on the SD card. With dashcams videos are continually over recorded on the SD card in a loop fashion. If an event occurs early on when the vehicle is parked, there is a risk that the footage could be lost. The 2 frames per second reduce file sizes and allows the card to last longer. The second is Energy Saving Parking Recording. This mode sends the system to sleep unless and impact occurs. Power consumption is reduced to a third of normal and this limits the draw on the car battery when not running.

Driving Impact Notification

The Q800 Pro has a built-in shock sensor giving driving impact notification. If this G-sensor detects an impact, then it records 10 seconds before and 10 seconds after the event. This clip is then stored in a separate file from the continuous stream allowing it to be easily located without being over written.  

There is also the ability to have this feature send a push notification to a nominated phone number saved on the Thinkware cloud server. However, this feature requires a dedicated Wi-Fi hub with its own SIM card to be active in the car. Alternatively choose the Thinkware T700 LTE for built in SIM – link below.

Thinkware Cloud App

For details on the Thinkware Cloud App please see link below for the Thinkware F800 Pro as it is a closely related product.

Speed Camera Alerts

The dashcam comes with speed camera alerts. This is available due to the GPS antenna option fitted by us as standard. GPS gives access to the speed camera database giving audible warnings when moving towards a known camera.

This feature can also be turned off by using the App which is connecting via Wi-Fi while in the car.

Front and Rear Camera Fitted

The Thinkware Q800 Pro comes as front or front and rear camera fitted options.  The rear camera is capable of 1080p – Full HD with a resolution of 1920 x 1080.

Thinkware Rear View Dashcam
Thinkware Rear View Dashcam

If front an rear camera are fitted then the included SD card is upgraded from 16Gb to 32Gb. This is because there are two cameras providing footage and more space is needed. The camera is capable of supporting up to a 128GB Micro SD card. However, we suggest only Thinkware compatible cards are used because other brands can cause problems with the Format Free Technology. Please see a link below to the F200 Pro for more details on Format Free Technology from Thinkware.

Thinkware Q800 Pro – In the Box

  • Dash Cam 
  • Optional Rear camera                        
  • Micro SD Card       
  • USB Micro SD Card Reader
  • Windshield Mount           
  • Quick Start Guide

Thinkware Q800 – Features

  • 1440p 2K Quad High Definition Recording Camera
  • Super Night-Vision 2.0 via Sony Exmor R Starvis Image Sensor
  • Optional 1080p rear camera
  • Wi-Fi Enabled
  • GPS with Speed and Location Logging
  • Cyclops Speed Camera Database
  • 16Gb Micro SD card or 32Gb for front and rear camera

More Information:

Dash Camera Front and Rear

See the Thinkware F800 Pro for details on the Thinkware Cloud App.

Alternative products:

Please see the Thinkware T700 LTE for built-in advanced connectivity.

Thinkware Q800 Pro Professional Dashcam Fitted Fareham for Portsmouth, Southampton, Romsey, Eastleigh, New Forest, Alton, Hindhead, Petersfield, Waterlooville, Havant, Hampshire, Midhurst, Emsworth, Chichester, Worthing, West Sussex to Bournemouth customers.