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The Thinkware X700 Dashcam fitted in your car is a fully installed product. It provides automatic evidence recording in the event of a collision and is a fit and forget device. Touchscreen 2.7in display with removable 16Gb SD card. Wide-angle lens for 140 degree field of vision.

Thinkware X700 Dashcam Fitted
Thinkware X700 Dashcam Fitted

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We can install this in most cars and vans

Thinkware Front Dash Cam

This Thinkware front Dash Cam has a sleek simple design. It records through the car front windscreen and stores footage onto the inserted SD card. This gives evidence recording that can be submitted to stop fraudulent claims and higher Insurance premiums for drivers.

It has an easy to use 2.7 inch touchscreen display with simple navigation and menu selection. However, once set up, the device requires no further driver intervention and turns on automatically with ignition. 

Thinkware X700 Touchscreen Dash Cam
Thinkware X700 Touchscreen Dash Cam

It benefits from full HD recording at 1920 x 1080 pixels with a 30 frames per seconds visual image rate.

The image has a 142.7 degree wide-angle lens allowing a wider view of vision to be recorded and giving a slight ‘fish-bowl’ type picture.

This system is the entry level dash cam from Thinkware. We only fit Thinkware systems as we have found they are less likely to interfere with electronic systems already in the car. For a more advanced Thinkware system with dedicated App and cloud services please see our link at the end of the page.

Dash Cam Installation

The Dash Cam installation is hard-wired into the vehicle. All cables are hidden in the head lining of the car or placed behind trim panels for a seamless look. In most cases the only cable seen, is the last few inches attached to the device itself, as the camera is fixed to a permanent mount on the front windscreen.

The camera is then capable of giving automatic recording on ignition start and is permanently fixed in place.

X700 Lens Placement

The X700 lens placement is on the right-hand side of the device. This provides a better layout for right-hand drive vehicles allowing it to be mounted without obstructing the view of the diver.

X700 Lens Placement
X700 Lens Placement

Here the camera is placed on the passenger side of the windscreen to the left of the centre mirror mount. This means the camera is usually hidden from the visual view of the driver by the rear view mirror and provides virtually no obstruction, however, this functionality is car and driver height dependent. 

Removable SD Card

The camera benefits from a removable SD card. Once an incident has occurred drivers can remove the SD card from the side of the camera and place it in the included Micro SD card adaptor. This can now be inserted into a PC or similar to view footage.

When accessing from a PC the video is organised in a chronological order so the one required is usually near the bottom of the list. It may be trial and error to find the correct snippet but this is generally easy to find.

X700 SD Card
X700 SD Card

It is worth noting that if a incident occurs it is important to make a copy of that footage on the same day. The camera comes with a 16Gb SD card and this is continually overwritten in a loop fashion. As the camera is recording high definition video the 16Gb gets used up very quickly and this could mean evidence could be lost.

Thinkware X700 – Fail Safe Recording

The Thinkware X700 also has fail safe recording in the event of power loss. This ensures that the unit continues to record using the high value capacitor if necessary. This means that should power be lost to the camera in the event of an accident the unit will continue to record for a small period of time.

High Temperature Protection

The X700 has a built-in thermal sensor providing high temperature self protection.  Windscreens can get very hot in the summer sun and this system enables the device to temporarily shut down to prevent the camera from overheating.

Touchscreen Menu System

The camera relies on the touchscreen for menu selection. Included are a settings tab where functions can be turned on and off. We recommend turning off the voice prompts as these do not really provide any necessary functions and can be a bit annoying.

Thinkware X700 Inputs

There are few physical buttons on the Thinkware X700. On the side there is an SD slot with spring loaded access and a power on / off button. It is recommended to leave the power permanently on so as to allow the device to be always on when the engine is on.

On the top of the camera are three inputs. The first is the essential power input for the camera. The second is for an optional GPS recorder allowing map location and speed to be added to the video footage. The third is an input for an optional rear view camera dash cam for extra peace of mind.

GPS Recorder
GPS Recorder

Thinkware X700 – What is in the box?

  • Thinkware X700 Dash Cam (102mm x 54mm x 29mm)
  • Mount with 3M Adhesive pad
  • Micro SD card with adaptor
  • Hard wired installation cables
  • Quick start Guide and warranty card
  • Optional GPS recorder
  • Optional rear view camera

Front Dash Cam Installation

We provide front dash cam installation at our unit is in Fareham in Hampshire.

Please expect to leave the vehicle for a morning or afternoon as although most cars take a few hours some vehicles will take longer. Customers can wait in our dedicated waiting area or there are various shops and cafes within walking distance.

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We can provide the Thinkware X700 Dashcam fitted Fareham for Chichester, Bognor Regis, Worthing, Arundel, Petworth, West Sussex, Emsworth, Waterlooville, Rolands Castle, Petersfield, Bishops Waltham, Winchester, Eastleigh, New Forest, Hampshire and Dorset customers.