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Ford Sync 3 Reverse Camera

We provide integrated reverse camera installation at our unit in Fareham. These systems use the original car factory fitted screen to show grid lines on the video picture. Make reversing easier for all drivers of the vehicle. Ideal for cars, vans, motorhomes and campervans.

Integrated Reverse Camera Installation
Integrated Reverse Camera Installation

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How do Reverse Cameras Work?

A reverse camera works by using a camera mounted on the rear or the vehicle. Here, a real time video picture is relayed to the cabin area when the car is put into reverse. The video image has grid lines added and this show distance from objects when reversing. 

An OEM reverse camera integration kit, also called an integrated system, uses the screen already in the car to see images from the newly fitted camera.

Can a Reverse Camera Fit my Car?

We can find a reverse camera solution for most cars and vans. Often, cars are manufactured without a reversing aid or this could have been added as an optional extra, even on high end vehicles. It is worth considering that our solutions are often cheaper than the new car optional extra decision.

Retrofit Factory Style Reversing Camera

The retrofit factory style reversing camera housing is car specific. For some cars this will mean the boot handle is changed to one with a wedge camera to one side. However, it could be that the camera is placed within a light fitting replacement or similar. For most makes and models of vehicle there will be a dedicated tailored solution. Generally there is only one solution for each vehicle model and no choice is necessary.

Integrated Reverse Camera Installation
Integrated Reverse Camera Installation

For the rare instance where a vehicle is without a dedicated solution we can mount a small universal wedge camera, discretely on the rear of the vehicle.

Integrated Reversing Camera Kit Functionality

The integrated reversing camera kit must work with the car factory screen. With some vehicles this means a control module is required to convert the video image into a stream that can be read by the original car stereo. With other cars the video image may need coding if it is plugging directly into the rear of the display screen. Again this is all dependent on the car make, model and year because there is generally only one solution available.

It is important to get the correct solution for the destination vehicle. This will ensure the device works as intended and does not interfere with other electronic systems in the car or van.

The functionality of the reversing system is also car dependent. Some vehicles the system will be capable of showing a turn function as the steering wheel is turned. Where this is not available, the grid lines will be static and simply reduce as the distance becomes shorter.

For coach-built motorhomes we will need to know the base van model to be able to advise you, for example Fiat Ducato.

Hidden Wiring

The camera needs to be hard-wired. This is the best solution to avoid the camera being stolen and for the best signal feed. 

We will route the cable from the camera inside the vehicle panels wherever possible. This means removing trim panels for access.

We may also need to connect to the light cluster so as to gain a reverse feed for the system to function. This again is car dependent and is the case in about 50% of integrated reverse camera installations. 

Non-Integrated Solutions

For customers without a system that has an integrated solution there are still a few options:

For some modern vehicles there may not be a screen capable of giving a video image. Here we can install a dedicated extra screen or in the case of vans provide a rear view mirror screen.

For customers with older cars we can provide a new head unit solution. A new double DIN head unit will give the required screen but also give other built-in functions. These include Bluetooth phone connectivity and Apps functionality.

Camera YouTube Playlist

We provide a cameras YouTube playlist on systems. There is a video on an Audi A4 MMI integrated reverse camera and a Ford Mondeo Sync 2. There is also a 2021 Mercedes Vito van and a Mark 8 Ford Fiesta to choose from this playlist.

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