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Thinkware Q1000 Dashcam on a Porsche GT3

The Thinkware Q1000 dashcam is ideal for cars and vans. Choose just front, or front with rear cameras. Free downloadable App for Apple or Android with menu system for easier use. Expertly fitted in Fareham for automatic recording on ignition start.

Front with installation: £364

Font and rear with installation: £444 – £504 depending on car.

Thinkware Q1000 Dashcam
Thinkware Q1000 Dashcam

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Dashcam for Car or Van

This dashcam is ideal for any car or van. The front camera sits on the front windscreen towards the passenger side of the rear view mirror housing and is usually hidden from the view of the driver. Front wiring is hidden in the head lining and through the ‘A’ pillars to the point where it is permanently soldiered in place.

Thinkware Q1000 Underside View
Thinkware Q1000 Underside View

The rear camera, if added, is placed so as to give the best picture output from the camera, while trying to sit between two heater element lines, if possible.

This process is the same for cars or vans however there may be some adjustments depending on the vehicle make, model and year. Also the ability to have a rear dashcam in a van maybe be limited by the style of the van (no rear window to see through) or cable runs may be restricted by a camper build.

Cloud Services Free App

This dashcam runs though the cloud services App. The App is free to download and comes in variations suitable for Apple and Android controlled devices.

This is the second App available from Thinkware titled ‘Thinkware Cloud’ and should be downloaded before connecting to the camera. Now with the engine running and the camera on, the Wi-Fi button can be pressed. The camera then speaks with the command find a ‘Wi-Fi network whose name starts with Thinkware’. On your phone using the phone settings App or tab connect to the Thinkware name that appears in your networks list. Reopen the Thinkware App to now see the home page options illuminated.

Thinkware Cloud App

When setting up a connection you need to be near the camera to physically press the Wi-Fi button. Please note the camera will only connect to devices that are close and searching to become connected.

Thinkware Cloud App

The Thinkware Cloud App only comes to life when the ignition is on and connected. From here you can access a list of recorded videos, Dash cam settings, Dash Cam info and connection settings.

Thinkware Cloud - View Video

Thinkware Q1000 – How to Download and Save a Video

Go to the Thinkware App home by opening the App while connected. Press the ‘File List’ icon and then ‘Continuous’, now a list of 1 min clips with date and time signatures is displayed.

To the right of the required clip press the three vertical dots. This brings up a menu where you can ‘Export’ the clip. Pressing this downloads the video clip to the downloads section of the App.

Once in the Downloads section pressing the three vertical dots gives another ‘Export’ function. Now the video can be shared or even copied to a computer via a, hardwired to phone, connection.

Thinkware Cloud - Download Video

Finding the Dashcam Footage Clip

Finding the correct clip in the Thinkware Cloud App can be tricky. The videos are listed in chronological order of 1 min intervals. The best way to find a clip is to remember the minute it took place. Then, that minute can be searched for later in the list.

Dashcam Connectivity Problems

To use this App customers should be sitting in the car, with the engine running and connected via Wi-Fi on your phone. The App is quite basic and problems of connectivity may occur.

It is worth disabling ‘connect via hotspot’ on your phone as this appears to provide interference, especially as this is not a feasible option for this camera. For this to be feasible the customer would require a Wi-Fi Hotspot device to be permanently active in the car and in that instance we would recommend the Thinkware T700 LTE as an all round better option. 

Lastly please note that if the App crashes you have two options. Firstly try closing the App. For Apple this is an upwards swipe of the screen to reveal all open Apps, then they are swiped upwards to close. For Android there is a rectangle ‘task button’ on the bottom of the screen revealing all open Apps and again they are swiped upwards to close.

The second option is to delete the App and start again. This is usually the best option when the App is frozen.

If all else fails then please remember you can remove the SD card from the camera and put this into your computer. You may need a physical card adaptor depending on your computer slot but these are easily available from any online retailer.

Thinkware Dashcam Fitted

We ensure this Thinkware Dashcam is fitted to the highest of standards. We will channel the feed wire though an existing grommet, where available. This extends the fitting time but ensures the wires will not corrode when exposed to the elements over time.

With a rear camera the placement of the wiring often needs to cross a water run off channel naturally built into the vehicle. We ensure the feed is not placed inside these channels. We will also not cut into rubber seals intended to route wiring from the main vehicle to the rear door access, as again these create a water-tight seal for other vehicle electrical wiring.

Alternative products:

Please view the Thinkware T700 LTE for full connectivity through a dedicated SIM card.

Thinkware Q1000 fitted Fareham for Hampshire, West Sussex, Woking, Guildford, Winchester, Basingstoke, Southampton, Salisbury, Whitchurch, Chichester, Midhurst, Farnham, Portsmouth, Petersfield, Dorset, Somerset, Surry and Berkshire Customers.