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The Thinkware T700 LTE Dash Cam comes with a Vodafone SIM card. This allows access to the camera in real time through the Thinkware LTE App. Free App is installed from the App Store or Play Store. Set impact notifications while parked, or find the vehicle’s current location.

Front with installation: £364

Font and rear with installation: £444 – £504 -depending on car.

Thinkware T700 LTE Dash Cam
Thinkware T700 LTE Dash Cam

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Dashcam with Vodafone SIM

This Dash Cam is installed with the Vodafone SIM card supplied with the unit. This allows the camera to use the fully connected services with real time communication possible. Vodafone provide a roaming SIM that can be used in over 90 different countries at no extra cost.

Vodafone Smart SIM
Vodafone Smart SIM

The SIM provides a very basic contract and requires an ongoing subscription of £3 per month for the connected services to be available.

Thinkware Connect LTE App

The Connect LTE App is the main feature of T700 Thinkware Dashcam and provides functions through the advanced LTE App. The App is specifically designed for the T700 with a new look interface.

Choosing ‘Live’ will give access to the video view in both continuous recording and parking modes. This gives real time video as it occurs on your phone.

Thinkware LTE App
Thinkware LTE App

When parked the ‘Impact Detection Mode’ will mean a notification is received and the 20 seconds of relevant footage (10 seconds before and after) is stored separately.

To view previous data click into a date (12-14) means the 14th of December, and all events from that day are listed. Scroll up to locate a journey and this is updated and shown on the map. Click into an event using ‘Details’ to find data on individual parts of the journey showing acceleration and deceleration records.

Dashcam LTE App Screens
Dashcam LTE App Screens

From this connection customers can update the dashcam’s firmware remotely. This is all done though the App and relayed to the camera via the SIM network connection. Simply reboot your camera when finished.

It is also possible to set an emergency contact through the App to a designated phone number. Once set the driver can press the SOS button on the camera. This sends an emergency signal automatically should an accident occur.

Thinkware App Installer

The Thinkware App can be installed from the Apple App Store or the Android Play Store. It works in the same way on both types of devices and is free. Once downloaded and installed the LTE App can be opened on your phone.

The LTE App is purely for setting up advanced functions and for viewing live footage. To view saved video or to view previous footage the ‘Thinkware Cloud’ App is required. For this App the customer must be in the car with the engine running to connect to the camera and download clips.

View Vehicle’s Location

Locate vehicle will tell you the vehicle’s current location. The location data is updated every 10 seconds. App users can then display the current location along will speed and heading direction by using Google maps.

Thinkware Cloud App

The second App available for the T700 is ‘Thinkware Cloud’.

Thinkware Wi-Fi Connected App
Thinkware Wi-Fi Connected App

Once the App is downloaded, you can view, download, delete and share footage directly from you phone via the App. This gives a fast and easy way to view and save footage using a menu driven system.

Through the File List tab see videos organised into categories of, continuous, continuous incidents, motion detection, parking incidents, manual recording and downloaded video. Though the Dash Cam Settings access, memory card settings, camera settings, record settings, road safety settings and system settings.

Customers can also remove the SD card physically from the camera and view video without using the App. Although here the menu organisation is lost and customers can simply view the recordings in chronological order.

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We can supply the Thinkware T700 LTE fitted Fareham for Portsmouth, Southampton, Chichester, Winchester, Basingstoke, Guildford, Petersfield, Waterlooville, Havant, Bournemouth, New Forest, Alton, Hindhead, Hampshire, Horsham, Worthing, West Sussex, Dorset and Berkshire customers.