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The Thinkware U3000 has a small and sleek design. This is the top of the range Thinkware Dashcam with 4K UHD recording. Choose from front only or front with rear camera. Comes with free Live View App, safety camera alert and more…

Front with installation: £484

Font and rear with installation: £679 – £739 -depending on car.

Thinkware U3000
Thinkware U3000

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Sleek Thinkware Design

The U3000 benefits from a sleek Thinkware design. The front facing view of the camera is very narrow, measuring just 7cm across. This allows the device to be placed more easily in the vehicle without causing an obstruction of driving view.

The length and height of the camera are 10cm and 5.6cm respectively. Generally the dashcam is placed behind the rear view mirror and can only be seen if sitting in the passenger seat, however this is car dependent and in some it will need to be placed to the left of the mirror.

U3000 Dashcam Options

Thinkware U3000 in car
Thinkware U3000 in car

This dashcam comes with two different options. Choose from a single front facing 4K camera with 32GB SD card or from a front 4K with rear 2K with 64GB SD Card. The extra space on the card, is required to give extra room for the two camera inputs. Without this larger memory space footage could be overwritten as the dashcam continues to record.

Increased Image Quality

The Thinkware U3000 is all about the increase in image quality. The 4K camera gives 2160p or 3840 x 2160 pixels and is a higher resolution than Full HD (1920 x 1080) and QHD (2560 x 1440).

Please remember that most other cameras in the Thinkware range are usually FHD or QHD.

The increased quality makes footage clearer with numberplates and faces easier to see.

Free Downloadable Cloud App

This camera is designed to work with the free downloadable Thinkware Cloud App. Once downloaded from the Apple App Store or Android Play Store customers can connect to the camera.

The Cloud App comes to life if a customer is sitting in the vehicle, with the engine running and the App open on their phone. Here view live data and retrieve video snippets directly to your phone. For more information on how to use this App please see the Thinkware Q1000 page.

This App only gives access if the phone is in close range. For a dashcam with true cloud remote access the Thinkware T700 LTE is available. The T700 camera has it’s own SIM card and allows images to be viewed remotely through the Vodafone network.

The footage for the U1000 can also be accessed without using the App by simply removing the SIM Card. It can then be placed into a computer using a small card adaptor.

Thinkware Continuous Recording

Manual recording can be used by pushing the red ‘REC’ button on the underside of the camera. This is ideal if sitting in the vehicle without the engine running and you decide to record something quickly.

U3000 Energy Saving

The U3000 energy saving feature works with he impact detection. This ensures the device goes to sleep within a second of finishing the impact recording to save energy.

Thinkware U3000 Underside View
Thinkware U3000 Underside View

Safety Camera Alerts

This Dashcam comes with a safety camera alert feature. The internal GPS of the dashcam compares details of where fixed cameras are located to the Thinkware database. The dashcam will give an audible warning of locations and the speed limit of the road at these points.

Should you find this function annoying then it can be turned off using the App. This may be the case if you travel the same road each day and know the speed limits already.

Thinkware Parking Surveillance Mode

Parking Surveillance mode provides automatic protection when the car engine is off. The camera records at a 2 frames-per-second rate taking up less space on the SD Card.

When using this function we recommend customers still use a higher capacity Thinkware SD card. This avoids data being overwritten.

We also recommend that if this function is intended to be used, that a battery backup is also fitted. This avoids the main car battery being depleted and stopping the car from starting.

Built-In Radar Module

The radar module will extend parking mode. This device does not wait for an impact to happen before it starts recording. It detects close movement and is a much more efficient system. On the Q1000 and T700 this radar module is an optional extra and slots onto the side of the camera. But with the U3000 the radar module is built in, giving functionality and a sleeker design.

More Information:

Please see the Thinkware Q1000 for a QHD camera.

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We can professionally install the Thinkware U3000 Fareham for Hampshire, West Sussex, East Sussex, Dorset, Somerset, Surry, Kent, Berkshire, Newbury, Reading, Andover, Bath, Winchester, Basingstoke, Salisbury, Bournemouth, Poole, Guildford and Farnborough customers.