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We provide Campervan Electrics fitted to T4, T5, T6, Elgrand, Viano and Transit Custom Vans. This is a pre-build preparation and post-build finishing service for self-built campervans. Including correctly fused split charger, 240 hook up, tap pump, control panel and lighting all provided on a custom build basis.

Campervan Electrics Fitted
Campervan Electrics Fitted

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Campervan Conversion

Campervan conversion on a self-build basis is a real option for many van owners. While the installation of the kitchen build, bed and flooring are easily performed tasks, the camper wiring and van electrics are much more difficult.

Nissan Elgrand Camper Conversion
Nissan Elgrand Camper Conversion

We provide an installation service for these customers. Most of the wiring needs to be fitted before any of the build takes place. This allows most of the wiring functionality to be hidden safely behind panels and routed where it needs to go, without being obstructed.

The kitchen can then be built by the customer with the flooring placed and bed fitted. Now holes can be drilled in the correct places for the control panel, sockets and light fittings.

Campervan Conversion Completion
Campervan Conversion Completion

Lastly we complete the wiring installation. This done with a second visit to us in Fareham. Now wiring can be terminated giving full functionality of devices installed.

Custom Built Campervan

Each custom built campervan is different. This is due initially to the type of van chosen for the build. It could be a VW Transporter T4,T5, T6, a Nissan Elgrand, Mercedes Viano, or a Ford Transit including the Transit Custom. Although these vans are similar in size they are all slightly different in shape and location of parts. This often dictates how the build is laid out, for example the Transit has a more square shape and the Viano has a space under the passenger seat ideal for the split charger.

T4 Leisure Battery
T4 Leisure Battery

The build can also be affected by individual customer needs. This comes down to how the van is intended to be used. It may be designed as a ‘Day Van’ without bed but with extra seating for passengers or the van may have swivel seats and a ‘Pop-top’ roof. All these differences affect which other elements are chosen and where they are fitted. This has a knock on effect to the wiring layout and can mean that devices are terminated in different places or left out completely.

Another custom quality may be that the van is already been partly built. While this is not ideal from a wiring installation point of view it may be a case of making the best of what is already in place. This could be because a customer has inherited a part built van and needs to bring the build to a conclusion without starting again completely. For these customers we try our best to make good any holes that have already been made and work within the parameters of the build in place.

All these differences explain why we consider each van as a custom built campervan and why all details need to be discussed before we take possession of the vehicle.

Electrical Parts of installation

We install a 240v hook up plug socket drilled into the side of the van and accessed via a flap on the outside of the vehicle. This provides a permanent feed of electricity from a 240v supply giving power to internal devices as well as charging the leisure battery.

The split charger also has the ability to charge the leisure battery providing power when the vehicle is being driven. This is the definition of the split charger, allowing two sources to power to the leisure battery enabling an optimum charge.

Inside the van a control panel will show the power left in the leisure battery as well as enabling individual devices to be turned on and off.

Camper Power Supply Unit
Camper Power Supply Unit

The control panel is usually located next to a 3-pin plug socket, USB socket or cigarette charger. However, the choice of these sockets is specified by the user depending on their individual requirement.

Campervan Safety

For optimum campervan safety we ensure each component is fused with the correct Amp rating. This means that should a device create a power surge it will not affect other parts of the build. The worst case scenario is that fuse blows with the device becoming isolated and not working until the fuse is replaced.

Not only is this a safe environment for the van but it allows the easy diagnosis of faults. If a fuse pops once then there is usually nothing to worry about but if a fuse repeatedly blows then it means there is a problem with that device and may need replacing.

We also ensure the correct wiring gauge is used for the entire camper wiring build.

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