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Our Cruise Control Fitted systems are retrofit convenience devices for vehicles. They are mainly installed on motorhomes and campervans for a consistent motorway driving speed. A dedicated new stalk is fitted near the indicator stalk for a seamless OEM look.

cruise control before and after
cruise control before and after

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Retrofit E-Cruise

We retrofit the E-Cruise control system which benefits from excellent support, vehicle coverage and great design. It has been developed with leading car manufacturers and is designed specifically for different vehicle makes and models.

With this system there are no adjustments or updates required. Once fitted the system should behave as if fitted at the time of vehicle manufacture, appearing OEM.

Comfortable Driving

These systems provides a more comfortable driving environment. It is ideal for motorhomes and campervans where long journeys may be necessary, and the van is used for occasional travel.

Motorhome Cruise Control
Motorhome Cruise Control

Cruise control allows the accelerator foot to be rested on the floor and is useful for people with less flexibility in the legs and ankles. For some people constant use of the accelerator pedal can cause excessive leg fatigue, making more frequent stops necessary.

When to Use Cruise Control

The time to use cruise control is when the speed stays the same for long periods. Driving on the motorway is a good example and so is driving in a reduced speed limit due to roadworks.

The system provides smooth, even driving. It also stops the possibility of gaining a speeding fine as the drive becomes monotonous and the driver’s foot becomes heavy.

Fuel Savings Possible

With cruise control fuel savings are possible. This is because there is less short term acceleration and braking used. However the small fuel saving possible is only achieved while the road is flat and if the road is hilly then human interpretation is more efficient. This is due to the inflexibility of the cruise control system, as it will try to maintain the speed even if the vehicle is labouring.

For most systems the minimum speed for cruise control is 25mph. This makes sense as below this speed, it usually means conditions are constantly changing, or there are obstacles that the driver is required to navigate.

Deactivate Cruise Control While Driving

There are two ways to deactivate the cruise control while driving. The most useful way is by the driver touching the footbrake or clutch. This will immediately deactivate the system and return the car to manual control.

The second way is to touch the tip of the cruise control stalk. This again will deactivate the system.

Vehicle Specific Device

All of these aftermarket cruise control devices are vehicle specific. They cover most vans including VW Transporter (all generations), Fiat Duacto (2002 onwards), Ford Transit (some ages), Mercedes Sprinter (all ages), Man TGE (2017 onwards), VW Crafter (all ages). Please note: Citroen Relay and Peugeot Boxer are considered the same as Fiat Duacto for this electrical adaptation.

Autocruise Stalk
Autocruise Stalk

These systems may also be available for cars and other vehicles. 

To find out if your vehicle make and model is compatible please contact us.

Driving Safety

It is essential to stress that drivers should remain focused when cruise control is in operation. Here the customer is still accountable, even when the system is activated and customers must understand that cruise control is a driving aid and not responsible for vehicle safety.  

Should a driver’s concentration lapse while using cruise control, the vehicle can still come into contact with the car in front. These retrofit systems are not intelligent systems, or capable of avoiding obstacles.

Essentially a cruise control device is not driving the car for you!

Cruise Control Vehicle Requirements

With this type of electrical installation it is necessary for us to test drive the vehicle. This is to be certain that the system is working as intended before customer collection.

For this reason the vehicle must be in good order and contain enough fuel for testing. Remember the vehicle needs to be driven at a speed of at least 25mph on a long road for the cruise control to be activated. Please also note we do not take responsibility for vehicle failure, including tyre wear, while test driving.

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