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Our parking sensors fitted Fareham are ideal for Motorhomes and Campervans. Rear sensors give audible beeps inside, increasing in speed frequency as the vehicle reverses towards objects. Reverse sensors are a must for all vans and motorhomes and protect your vehicle from unnecessary damage.

Parking Sensors Fitted Fareham
Parking Sensors Fitted Fareham

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How Parking Sensors Work

Parking sensors use ultrasonic technology to send and receive a signal. It is the delay between a signal being sent and received that lets the system know how far away obstacles lie. When the gap is large the time between send and receive is large and when the gap is small the time is reduced accordingly.

The brain of the parking sensor system interprets this delay from up to four reversing sensors. It then produces an audible beep from a speaker inside the vehicle. When the gap is large the system beeps less frequently than when the gap is small. Meaning that when the gap is very small the beeps are heard in quick succession. When the gap is less than 20cm the speaker emits a constant tone indicating that further movement will cause an impact.

Colour Coded Parking Sensors

As standard our parking sensors come in matt black. This is suitable for most vans with black bumpers for example the Iveco Daily seen in the photo here.

Van Parking Sensors
Van Parking Sensors

We can also provide colour coded parking sensors where each sensor is sprayed to match the manufacturer paint code of the vehicle. This is ideal for coach built motorhomes with colour coded bumpers in white or similar. Please note there is an extra charge for this service.

Our colour coded parking sensors are very discrete and although not invisible they tend to blend into the overall look of the vehicle. However please be aware that this feature is dependent on the van design and may be dictated by raised mounts already placed on the motorhome.

Vodafone Cobra

We use Vodafone Cobra parking sensors in most cases. With some brands, sensor failure is a real problem and this often leads to return visits necessary from customers to rectify.

We have found Vodafone Cobra to be a very reliable product. We feel it is more important to favour quality products than using some of the cheaper brands available. All of our products are from genuine suppliers and because sensor failure is a real problem and may still occur, we will not install customer supplied parking sensors.

Fiesta Parking Sensors before and after
Fiesta Parking Sensors before and after

Optimum Reversing Sensor Placement

We will discuss the optimum reversing sensor placement with customers when they arrive. In most cases the placement is obvious, being equidistantly placed in a horizontal fashion on the rear bumper. However, in some cases there may be hidden obstructions within the bumper or other reasons why the placement may need to be different.

We will decide the best placement for these sensors taking all factors into consideration.

Our sensors can also be programmed to take into account bike racks and tow bars, so that they see beyond these additional extras.

Vehicle Reversing Safety

It is important to remember for vehicle reversing safety that parking sensors are only  a guide to driving. They are not driving the car for you. It is still the responsibility of the driver to pay attention to the road and stop when the beeps indicate they should.

With larger vehicles we ensure the speaker is placed within the interior of the build. This is because the sound may not be heard unless the speaker is visible. Here the length of van is a factor.

If a customer is hard of hearing then we ask them to inform us before installation. We can then view the vehicle and assess the best installation possible.  

Easy Motorhome Access

We have easy motorhome access at our workshop unit in Fareham. The large workshop door can be raised high enough to clear solar panels and satellite dishes that may be mounted on top of the van. So far we have been able to bring into the workshop all vans excepting the wider American Winnebago motorhomes.

Easy Motorhome Access
Easy Motorhome Access

There is also a good turning space outside our unit where customers can manoeuvre larger vehicles into reverse and complete 3-point turns if necessary. However we will be responsible for driving the vehicle in and out of the workshop door. 

We are also situated in an industrial site that is accessible through normal quality roads. Customers leave the M27 at junction 11 for Fareham and travel down a dual carriage way and the Newgate Lane main road to gain entry to the Speedfields Park industrial estate. We are situated between Asda and Lidl on the Eden Vauxhall turning.

Customers are welcome to wait in our dedicated waiting space where we provide free internet access for customers. There is also a Costa, Asda Café and a large selection of various shops within walking distance.

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We supply parking sensors fitted Fareham for Southampton, Chichester, Portsmouth, Winchester, New Forest, Guildford, Petersfield, Worthing, Alton, Basingstoke, Horsham, Bognor Regis, Hampshire, West Sussex, Dorset and Surry areas.