Alpine iLX-W690D


The Alpine iLX-W690D is a Double DIN car stereo. It has a 7in touchscreen display with modern connectivity for maps, music and more.


The Alpine iLX-W690D is car stereo that sits in the car or van dash. It has a large 7in display and will modernise most vehicles.

This car stereo has wired Apple CarPlay and wired Android Auto and this means your phone is plugged in to a cable mounted in the glove box. This also provides phone charging at the same time. Once connected the compatible car apps are automatically displayed giving Waze, Spotify, Google Maps, Amazon Music etc. Music can also be played via Bluetooth.

Calls are automatically routed through the stereo allowing you to interact without touching your phone.

The stereo has a shallow mount allowing it to be installed in cars where space behind is limited.


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