Kenwood KMM-BT560DAB


The Kenwood KMM-BT560DAB is one of the few stereos with a CD player. It has DAB and DAB+ radio channels and bluetooth calls though the stereo.


The KMM-BT560DAB has a slot on the front for your all your CDs. This allows you to input your favourite CDs and control your music listening.

This stereo will give you Bluetooth hands-free conversation while on the move. You can connect up to 5 phones in memory and can connect simultaneously with 2 phones, switching between the 2 for different phone books and receive calls on either.

The stereo is made for iPhone meaning it naturally works with all the latest iPhones with improved connectivity.

We include a DAB aerial and fitting in our installation cost. DAB gives access to more radio channels than those provided by traditional radio, also has DAB+ for even more channels. The aerial is a small windscreen mounted square that enables the unit to see digital signals.

This stereo has a direct USB on the front for easy connectivity via a cable and gives data transfer and phone charging.

It is a ‘single DIN’ stereo meaning it takes a single slot on your dash. This means there is less to change and may require a simple facia or no facia at all.

Detachable faceplate.

Comes with DAB aerial.


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