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Van Reversing Camera on Iveco Daily

A van reversing camera with display is ideal for vehicles without an integrated screen option. This could be vans, motorhomes or older cars, all manufactured without a suitable screen. We can provide a new dedicated dash mounted screen or rear view mirror replacement, depending on the vehicle and customer requirements.

Van Reversing Camera with Display
Van Reversing Camera with Display

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Reversing Cameras with Dedicated Display

Reversing cameras with a dedicated display are suitable for vehicles with a basic stereo fitted when the car was made. Here the screen may be too small to work with an integrated kit option or the screen may not be capable of reading video input images. There may also be no display at all inside the vehicle.

In these examples we can add a dedicated display specifically for the reverse image function. Once the vehicle is put into reverse the display will turn on and give a clear rear image. The image is a video input and gives a live and changing input as the vehicle moves.

The display will have grid lines on it to show distance from objects and again this updates as the vehicle moves.

The image is also wide-angle, giving a slight ‘fish-bowl’ view. This allows a wide aspect to be seen that extends beyond the sides of the vehicle. Giving sight in both directions as well as the whole rear view between.

Reverse Camera for Van

A reverse camera is ideal for large vans, motorhomes and campervans where seeing through to the rear of the vehicle may not be possible. The rear camera view will create a safer driving environment and enable better manoeuvrability in tight spaces.

This can avoid the possibility of damage to your vehicle as well as making it safer for other vehicles, people and objects. 

For trucks and motorhomes we can also give the option of making the system go live on ignition. This will mean the rear view will be active while driving forwards and gives an extra aid to vision. When driving on the motorway, the driver will then be able to better gauge if pulling into the next lane is safe, before making the manoeuvre.

Camera Display Types

There are two camera display types to choose from. We can provide a dash mounted display that is placed on the vehicle dash. Preferably this would need to be screwed down to avoid the possibility of movement, however we can use heavy duty adhesive pads should the customer prefer.

The second type of camera display uses the rear view mirror. For vans with a bulkhead this is a preferred option as we can utilise the unused mount that would normally house the rear view mirror. This display looks like a rear view mirror but has a video display giving the image input from the rear view camera. Please see our video link below showing this option installed on an IVECO Daily.

Reversing Camera Mirror
Reversing Camera Mirror

Where a rear view mirror is still in use we can upgrade this mirror to be dual purpose. Most of the time the mirror works normally until the vehicle is put into reverse. It then becomes a video input display with gridded lines.

In some cases customers can also choose to upgrade their car stereo to a double DIN head unit. This will give the required screen plus extra functionality of Bluetooth phone, Apps and better quality music input. Please see link below.

Reverse Camera with Parking Sensors

The reverse camera can work with fitted parking sensors. We can install both these options at the same time to give sensors that beep and full rear vision, while reversing. This is the best option for peace of mind and is especially useful for large vehicles.

If the vehicle already has parking sensors fitted then a reversing camera with display will provide a complement function.

Display Reverse Camera for Cars

A dedicated display reverse camera is used with large vans, commercial vehicles or motorhomes. The system can also be fitted to cars and smaller vans if the customer prefers. This may be the case if a customer does not want a full stereo upgrade.

Alternative products:

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